Home – in the truest sense of the word. HXF – also known as Miles Field - is unique among small airports because the people who use it work to maintain that old-time sense of community we all wish for. It’s the kind of place where everyone looks out for everybody. Need a part, a start, a helping hand or some useful advice? This is the place to be. When they aren’t flying, the people at HXF work as professional pilots, amateur flyers, sales people, mechanics, landscapers, engineers, teachers, students, nurses, construction workers, doctors and every other occupation you would find in a small village. The machines at HXF reflect the people mix, but favor the older style tail-wheel aircraft. We’ve got crop-dusters, Cubs, Tri-pacers, Stinson, Cessna, Pitts and of course, some of the worlds most beautiful sailplanes. The unifying element that ties it all together is the people who know and love what the freedom of flight is about. When you get hooked into one of the many spontaneous cook-outs, you will find out what that means for yourself. Another way to find out how good life can be on an airport is to call for a tour and learn more about joining the Wisconsin Soaring Society. One thing is sure about our airport: If the rest of the country was like HXF, everything would be just fine.

Hartford Airport is located at the northwest corner of the City of Hartford. It is bounded by County Road U on the west and Arthur Road on the North. Please use the County Road U entrance near the sign that says “Miles Field”. Ask anyone you see for us. Better yet - call before coming and we will give you the grand tour.